so there are a lot of peeps nowadays who love kpop. but before we start i just wanna say that I AM THE CREATOR OF KPOP. here are my top 5 girl and boy bands


1.Girls Generation

2. 2NE1

3.  APink ❤

4. Sistar

5. T-ara

And now for the boysssss…..

  1. EXO ❤

2. UNIQ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (You have to earn the love.)

3. Super Junior

4. Big Bang

5. Beast (Sorry but, whats with the B’s)

WELL FOLKS, thats it for today comment your fave boy or girl kpop band or soloists… i’d soooooo love to know.


In, Out and Shake It All About

what’s in right now

1. vineyard vines clothesVineyard Vines clothes

2. instagraaaaam 

3. brandy meville clothes

4. da kardashians – don’t judge, just join the gang 😉

5. having a strong eyebrow game 😀


6. viners!!

 <- AND THEM 😀

what’s out 

1. justin pooper!

2. salads for lunch is a no no 

3. gym membership (ugh)

4. wet seal clothes… just no 

5. lindsay lohan….. no comment

6. bubble nails. they are just so UGLY! some people like them but EW, just EW

thank you. if i catch anyone wearing any of those things i will hunt u down and kill you. well, that was fun.

see ya later suckers 🙂


WHO IS MY FAVE AVENGER?  <- that is an annoying question people keep askin me… IT IS………………………….

      this guy.

he is actually so much like me it hurts. he uses sarcasm and he laughs at people when they fail. 😀 😀 🙂

my friends all like captain america. i think hes a boring old granny.


HULK I LOVE ❤ cause of black widow and his love story  ❤

Black widow is cool cause of the gun but she is too cold hearted.

this is da bow and arrow guy. he is so rubbish i dont know his name… 

anywayz, gotta go loosers.



i have one question for some people.

why do you like HUF socks? they piss me off. dont be disheartened cause you like them but why do u wear them? they promote an illegal drug for flip sake! ugh.

the hats and the jumpers r nice 🙂 but not the ones wth weed on them…

if you agree wth me comment y and if you dont comment y (y, y, y)…


sup! ;)

k, i have started this blog cause there are so many teens like me who hat wearing ugly clothes or shoes and hate gross girls and guys. that stops here!

this blog is for sweggy thing that teens love. you can give me inspirations or ask me to post your things….